Tom Deckard

Self Description:   Prophet

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He has been 100% accurate on every prophetic word and vision

Has open visions where he is taken away and shown things to come.  Sometimes an open vision comes while he is teaching in front of a congregation or audience.  His open visions have been documented and he has a perfect record on open visions.  He left the United States and started many congregations in Africa.  He has performed countless healings. He was followed by individuals in Africa who followed up with the people he laid hands on.  They found 84% of those he laid hands on were verified to be healed.  He reports that God ordered him back to the United States to warn America of impending judgment.  I have met him.  I watched him closely for one night and again for three days and came away very impressed.  Unlike most modern prophets, he comes off as a classic Old Testament prophet.

He has prophesied for 20 years and thirty countries.  He has prophesied for presidents, prime ministers and other leaders.  He has taught in front of as many as 150,000 people at one time.  He has seen three people raised from the dead at his meetings.

                    Highly recommended.

Previous prophecies: 

He has documented prophesies of the following events that took place between 6 months to two years before the event.

9/11 attack on New York
End of cold war
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Mississippi River flooding
both Iraq wars

Current prophecies:  Two major pandemics will hit the world.  Hospitals will be so full, they will stop taking people. Millions will die. He has specific instructions from God on what to do.